Idealec : infinitely skilled
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Idealec Bus Bars selection guide

  ID Tronic ID Drive ID Motion ID Skin
Application targeted Distribution and interconnection from 1 or 2 sources of supply to multiple outlets (subrack) Electrical distribution and interconnection busbars for power electronic components (IGBT, capacitor, diode, fuses, resistance, inductance, instrumentation...) dedicated to speed control systems, electrical regulation systems Electrical distribution and interconnection busbars for high power electronic components (IGBT, GTO capacitor, diode, fuses, resistance, inductance, instrumentation...) adapted to power conversion systems, electrical power transmission... Bus Bar for on-board or static electrical converters, power modules for rolling stock, or industrial drives, electrical interconnection with the battery within electrical or hybrid vehicles, electrical distribution for aircrafts…
  radio electronics air mill /PICTO TRAM.gif IGBT air mill train transmission
Working current > 80 A > 300 A > 500 A According to the application requirement
Working voltage < 380 VAC 380 to 1000 VAC rms > 1000 VAC rms 24 V AC/DC to 10 000 V AC/DC
Maximum relative humidity 50 % 85 % 95 % 95%
Typical inductance - < 20 nH < 50 nH -
Estimated max. life time (not guaranted) 100,000 h 150,000 h 300,000 h 300,000 h
Electrical tests withstand voltage, electrical continuity, contact resistance withstand voltage,
partial discharges by sampling
withstand voltage,
partial discharges at 100 %
withstand voltage,
partial discharges
Applicable standards REACH, UL94, EN45545, EN45545, NFF16101, NFF16102
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